Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us?

We specialize in premium quality gardening gloves at affordable prices!

Exemplary Gardens is the world’s leading manufacturer of natural leather garden gloves and we have many great reasons on why you should buy from us. We continue to grow as a company due to our customer-centric approach and generous policies, which our competitors cannot match. Shop with us today and experience exemplary customer support!

 Here Are Just a Few of the Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us:

  • No compromises made on quality. We only source the finest leathers and hides.
  • Extremely stringent quality control processes in place to ensure each and every one of our gardening gloves is up to the high standard our valued customers expect and deserve
  • No discrimination. We cater our garden gloves to men and women. Sizes XS through to XL in stock ensuring your size is available.
  • Lowest prices available online or in store
  • Secure online ordering and checkout process
  • National fulfilment centres used to ensure your order is dispatched and delivered promptly. We have partnered with national fulfilment centres that have strategically placed warehouses all across the United States ensuring your orders get to you in a timely manner.
  • Courteous and professional support. Have a look at our testimonials online to see the exemplary customer service our company is renowned for.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer a money back guarantee on all of our products.
  • Many of our customers come back to order more as gifts for friends and family, so we must be doing something right!

 Our world famous rose pruning gloves continue to surprise gardeners all over the world at just how thornproof our leather can be. We receive emails from customers everyday saying how they doubted the gloves could withstand rose thorns, blackberry bushes, and other plants with spines but were pleasantly surprised when their arms escaped unscathed.